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Development of a ship weather routing software for academic purposes. Period: 2018-2019. Contractor: International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU). Project Coordinator: Manel Grifoll.

Cooperative freeway driving strategies in a mixed environment – driverless and traditional vehicles.(COOP – Conducción cooperativa en autopista: estrategias de gestión en un sistema mixto – vehículos autónomos y tradicionales). Period: 2016-2019. (TRA2016-79019-R). Funding: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness. Project Coordinator: Francesc Soriguera.

Improvement in urban delivery with autonomous vehicles and its impact on stakeholders groups. Period:2018. Project coordinator: Miquel Estrada.

Zero Emission Bus Systems, ZeEUS. Period: 2013-2018.European Union. MOVE/FP7/605485/ZEEUS. Project coordinator: Union Internazionale des Transports Publics-UITP. BIT responsible: Miquel Estrada.

Management Model of Electric Vehicle Sharing, Period: 2016. Funding: CARNET – Cooperative Automotive Research Network. Volkswagen Group. Project Coordinator: Francesc Soriguera.

Project entitled “Dynamic management of lane changing and road space usage in congested freeways.(CARRIL – Gestión dinámica del cambio de carril y uso de la calzada en autopistas congestionadas) Period: 2014-2016. (CARRIL TRA2013-45250-R). Funding: Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competiveness. Francesc Soriguera.